Guidelines to Getting Auto Insurance after DUI Conviction

duihelpGetting DUI conviction can be quite embarrassing, but as it turns out, it is only the beginning of another problem. After paying fines, doing community services, and getting your driver’s license suspended, the next issue is what you may call quite hefty. Once all is said and done about your DUI conviction and you need to get car insurance, you will be surprised to just how high it has gotten that you may not even be able to afford it. In fact, this high insurance premium of yours may last up to three years just because you got caught of driving under the influence.

Getting auto insurance after a DUI conviction is possible. However, there are some guidelines that you may need to follow or you might wan’t to try getting a professional liability insurance locally to protect yourself from this kind of hindrances.

  1. There is no immediate remedy for this issue. The demands required by court may become a struggle so simply get a local auto insurance company that will be will to provide you with insurance after your conviction. Most companies will not provide you with coverage for at least three years of clean record.
  2. The process of getting insurance after conviction is expensive. Since you have been convicted, you are therefore high risk and high risk insurance is quite costly, no matter what insurance company you get it from.
  3. Fight the DUI Charged against you. You will probably need to get a good lawyer for this so thing can be resolved quickly and in your favor. If you think you have a good chance of getting the charged dropped or even reduced, you will need an exemplary lawyer to help you. This way, no insurance company will even learn about the charges against you. If the charges are reduced, this will show on your record.
  4. Get your coverage from a widely-recognized insurance carrier. You will have much better coverage with at least more than competitive rates. Regardless of where you go, you are considered high risk so your premiums will naturally be high. If this will be the case, by the very least, get yours from a good insurer.
  5. Make sure to follow all your court obligations. Make sure to attend all the hearings, finish the community service you have been given, and pay all the necessary fines. If you are cooperative, things may turn out better for you when getting your car insurance after DUI conviction.
  6. Do all the necessary paperwork properly and make sure it is accepted by your state agency. Normally, you have around 6 months in getting this done, but this all depends on the restrictions given to you.
  7. Shop around and find the insurer that is the least expensive. Make sure the insurer can help you with some of your paperwork and that they accomplish it within the allowed time. Basically, this will be the order to follow: best coverage, most help, and best price. You may want to indicate that you can stay with them after your DUI issue and have normal auto insurance again.

The truth is, getting your privilege back after a DUI conviction may be costly and a lot of hard work. However, if you stay clear of driving when you are under the influence of alcohol and that you follow your court commitments and pay your premiums dependably, then your usual auto insurance premiums will be back to normal again before you even know it.

While the high premiums after DUI conviction are not pleasant, it is enough of a lesson to make you feel and never once again consider the idea of driving when you are under the influence.