About Venture Opportunist

Greetings and welcome to the Traders’ Corner! You’ve obviously found us one way or another, and now you can learn a bit about the contributers. You’ll find that the three of us here at traderscorner.ca have different areas of expertise and approaches to investing, so we round one another out fairly well.

On a personal level, I’m an enthusiastic and outgoing person who believes in a well-balanced lifestyle and the cold, hard truth. I enjoy sports and physical fitness as a life outside my professional life. I can be a bit misanthropic, but conversely like to give the benefit of the doubt. I’m a political agnostic because I think that subscribing to one single political ideology is a waste of time, so I am a realist when it comes to opinions on policies, and I like the ones that I feel will be of the most utility to the most people. I also believe that a great life reaping great rewards requires a great amount of work, and risk.

On a professional level, my background is in mathematics. My approach to the marketplace is one of pure risk-reward management and very little of rigorous analysis beyond regular logistics. My experience in the field includes a tenure as a proprietary trader where I was way over my head, time as an independent currencies trader, as well as a manager of a trading floor. Now I am a full time independent active trader and my name gives a hint to the scope of my average trade: short game. I like highly leveraged, highly controlled transactions, with high statistically positive expected value. That said, anything in terms of trade ideas I add on here won’t be of the general “stock picks” variety, with the exception of commentary on the major indices and my opinion of direction, and good names to own in the long run as part of a strong portfolio. Most of my contributions will relate to risk management and trading approaches, as actual trades I make will do little good published given to their short shelf life.

Wishing you great success, and that you’ll return often,

If you wish to contact me, email me at VentureOpportunist@TradersCorner.ca