About Bullish Dividends

First lets cover who I am as a person, so here goes. I am a happily married man, no kids, but we plan on having them very soon. I believe exercise and a healthy diet are extremely important for anyone looking to better themselves. I guess you can say that I believe that true balance in life can only be achieved with a healthy mind and body. I regularly work out and try to play squash once a week. In the winter I enjoy downhill skiing, while in the summer I am an avid fisherman, and love to go camping, canoing and mountain biking. I have a bachelor of science in computer science, and I currently work as a software developer for a large corporation, I say currently because my long term goal is to retire early and live off of a passive income stream generated by my dividend based investments. I currently administer two websites, this one, and www.ImprovedLife.ca, which is a site devoted to improving your work and home life through personal growth and development. I (obviously) highly recommend checking it out when you have some free time to do so.

Now that, that is covered let’s look at who I am when it comes to investing. There are two things that really excite me when it comes to investing, Dividends and Technical Analysis. I know that these are almost opposites, so let me try and explain what it is I like about both.

Dividends are the foundation of my retirement plan which will be most evident if you read any of my posts on dividend based investing. I think it is the thought of being able to retire young and live off of a dividend supplied income stream that really pulls me towards dividend paying stocks. By concentrating on companies that have a long history of paying and increasing dividends, with time, you can be making a very good return just off of the dividends, now that is an encouraging thought, and is a great example of “letting your money work for you”.

Technical Analysis plays with the part of me that likes excitement, and the thrill that comes with getting a 10%+ return from a trade that only lasted a few days is something that I do enjoy. But, with everything in my life, I am very careful and keep the majority of my portfolio in my long term dividend stocks. I like to keep a small portion set aside to “play” with my technicals. I strongly believe that when buying any stock, it is important to look at its charts, and find out if you are buying at the right time, so even if technicals dont interest you, I feel that you should learn at least the basics, so you can minimize the amount of times you buy a stock and it drops within the next few days.

If you wish to contact me, email me at BullishDividends@TradersCorner.ca

If you are on Twitter, you can find me as user BulllishDividend here http://twitter.com/BullishDividend